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Suhunan M. Situmorang

suhunan@eyrcls.com / suhunansitumorang@gmail.com
PERADI Advocate // Law Consultant // Specialized Trainer for Corporate, Business and Investment law Bacelius-Ruru

Bacelius Ruru

bacelius@eyrcls.com / bacel.ruru@gmail.com
Chairman // Member of the Board of Commissioners of publicly listed companies Karini-Nugroho

Karini Nugroho

karini@eyrcls.com / karininugroho@gmail.com
Corporate Lawyer // Entrepreneur Endang-Setiowaty

Endang Setiowaty

endang@eyrcls.com / endang.smrg@gmail.com
Corporate and Capital Market Lawyer // Basic Capital Market Trainer Hyang-Mihardja

Hyang I. Mihardja

hyang@eyrcls.com / hyang.office@gmail.com
ADR Practitioner // Collaborative Lawyer // Mediator at Dispute Settlement Facility RSPO // Certified Mediator PMN NinaRuru

Nina Ruru

nina@eyrcls.com / ninaruru@gmail.com
Digital Media Strategist