Wijaya Grand Centre, South Jakarta, 12160


Hyang Ismalya Mihardja, S.H., M.B.A.

- Mediator

Hyang I. Mihardja, S.H., MBA., has 20 years of professional experience that includes leadership positions in national private companies. Since being certified by the Indonesia Mediation Centre in 2004, she has consistently promoted negotiation and mediation as an appropriate dispute resolution method She started her career in Alternative Dispute Resolution as a collaborative lawyer, following as a negotiator and mediation practitioner in contractual issues.

She provides expertise in managing cases related to labour issues. She has been involved in mediating several negotiations in public disputes between companies, government, stakeholders and community’s organisations, some of which were related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues.

Hyang is executive director of EYR Centre for Legal Studies, and is recognised as an expert on conflict resolution at the national organisation Maritim Muda Nusantara. She is a representative of the Pusat Mediasi Nasional - Indonesian Mediation Centre (PMN) which is a Board Member of the Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (APCAM).

She is active as trainer and coach at PMN, Justitia Training, and MedArbid (Indonesian Academy of Independent Mediator & Arbitrators). Her competency has been recognized by the national standard BNSP and is accredited by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

She graduated from University of Indonesia Law School, and got MBA degree from School of Business and Management, Institute Technology Bandung. She certified on Mediator’s Skills from Vrije Universiteit cooperate with Van Vollenhoven Institute, Netherland.