Wijaya Grand Centre, South Jakarta, 12160


Raditya Kosasih, S.H., LL.M.

- Co-Founders of APPDI (Asosiasi Praktisi Pelindungan Data Indonesia)

Raditya Kosasih is the Co-Founders of APPDI (Asosiasi Praktisi Pelindungan Data Indonesia/Indonesian Association of Data Protection Professionals). APPDI is the association of data protection practitioners in Indonesia that actively conducts training and discussion on data protection topics in Indonesia. He is also working as Head of Governance at GoTo Data Protection and Privacy Office.

Kosasih previously worked for top-tier law firm in Indonesia and several government agencies, such as Unit Kerja Presiden Bidang Pengawasan dan Pengendalian Pembangunan (UKP4) and Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). Kosasih has a Bachelor of Law from Universitas Indonesia and LLM (Advanced) on Law and Digital Technologies from Leiden University, The Netherlands.