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Privacy Notice

Last Updated On 18 July 2023


We, EYR Center for Legal Studies, are a center of legal education, focusing in legal aspects of social phenomenon especially in the field of environment law, alternative dispute resolution and digital technology law. We provide researches and trainings in the above mentioned fields. We are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is our Privacy Notice for you because we care about your personal data. Through this notice, we are letting you know that:

1. We Collect, Store and Analyzes Your Information.
We always strive to give our users the best experience when they visit at our websites. One way to give you the best experience is by having cookies. What it does, it will give us information on what is your preference when you are using our service.

2. Type of Information We Collect, Store, And Analyzes.
We collect, store, and analyzes information about our user which are:
a. The IP address.
b. The geographical location you access us from.
c. The device you are using.
d. The pages you visit.
e. The length of time you spent in our website.

3. How We Use Your Collected Information.
We analyze your information so we can provide you the best experience. From information we collected we are learning services that we can developed and give to serves you.

In providing you with our services, we may share your data, in full or in part to Third Party. We care about your privacy, whenever we use Third Party, we do our best to make sure your information is protected.

4. Your Rights on Your Personal Data.
As part of our transparency and governance, you are entitled to ask us to give you the information on data we collect, stores, and analyzes. You also have the right to ask not to have your data collected, stored or analyzed.

Thank you for patiently reading this Privacy Notice, we hope you enjoy your experience in using our services.


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